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Education & Technology

Should schools monitor students’ social media use? (Office Depot education blog)

How "Deeper Learning” techniques can improve student achievement. (Office Depot education blog)

Grabbing students: how to improve engagement, using findings from psychological research. (American Psychological Association Monitor on Psychology)

New partially online law degree may open door to similar programs (US News & World Report)

Unshackled and Unschooled: Free-range learning movement grows (Mindshift/KQED blog)

Best resources for home-schooling and unschooling families (Mindshift/KQED blog)

Blended & virtual learning - a white paper looking at the impact online learning and new technologies are having on K-12 and higher education (Center for Digital Education)

Pathways to personalized learning - special report examining the trend in K-12 and higher education toward more individualized, student-centered education (Center for Digital Education)

College credit for writing in high school? It’s happening - and it’s drawing critics. (NCTE Chronicle) 

Video collaboration in education - a look at videoconferencing and other technologies at play at both K-12 and higher ed levels (Converge Magazine/Center for Digital Education white paper)

Video for the 21st century: Enriching core courses and improving student engagement with digital video production. (Converge Magazine/Center for Digital Education)

Online higher education for instructional designers: picking the right program. (Learning Solutions)

Top 10 online diploma mill scams: From cats and dogs getting diplomas to fake docs possibly causing deaths, here’s a look at 10 heinous cases. ( 

Nursing degrees online use Second Life virtual reality for teaching (

Guide to finding work as an online college instructor (

Making it work: First steps to Common Core integration. (National Center for Literacy Education)

Keeping students at the center of the Common Core classroom: How to incorporate Common Core standards in an engaging way. (NCTE Chronicle)

Teaching with complex texts is a new focus of the Common Core: here’s a guide. (National Council of Teachers of English)

Robo-grading of student writing passes new study—but earns "F" from experts. Can machines really take the place of English teachers when it comes to grading student writing? (National Council of Teachers of English Chronicle)

Young Adult lit - Where teens find themselves. (NCTE Chronicle)

Teachers are breaking down walls at an Indianapolis middle school, using innovative methods and working together to reach students. (National Center for Literacy Education)

The shift to 21st century literacies: a look at the use of technology in the classroom, from smartphones to Second Life. (NCTE Chronicle PDF)

The C's of change: Students and teachers learn 21st century skills. (NCTE Chronicle PDF)

New online law degrees target non-traditional students. (

Making it work: First steps to Common Core integration. (National Center for Literacy Education)

Inspiration Information: New “Open Source” project lets students interview experts for free (THE Journal)

Students reading and writing online: How to use new Internet and social media technologies in the classroom to motivate English students. (NCTE Chronicle)

Education upgrade: Colleges shake their reputations as early adopters (MSN Encarta)

Learning styles: Not every child learns the same way. How paying attention to learning styles can help your child in school (Chicago Tribune)

Redshirting: When to start your child’s schooling (Chicago Tribune)

Video beyond the conference room: Innovative solutions for public safety, crisis management, and national security. (Center for Digital Government white paper)

Digital surveillance: Businesses use hidden cameras and the Internet to monitor employees from afar (Crain's Chicago Business)

Tempest: threat or hoax?: Can Big Brother see what you're typing on your computer from outside your building, using "Tempest" technology? (Smart Computing magazine)

Business & Finance

How to use Instagram to get more customers. (Office Depot blog)

How to use natural light to improve productivity. (Office Depot blog)

Should you let your employees shop online at work? (Office Depot blog)

Keeping digital tabs on your spending - Online financial apps can make electronic spending "real" and help students cut back. (American Psychological Association)

Smartphone apps can save you money on car insurance. ( - a Bankrate website)

Facebook apps - How to protect your customers' privacy. (Intuit Small Business Blog)

Five ways to get 'liked' on Facebook. (Intuit Small Business Blog)

More CFOs are landing in HR territory - and what this means for business. (Workforce Management)

Social media guru Mari Smith on the importance of relationships. (Intuit Small Business Blog)

Analyzing Wis. Gov. Scott Walker's business management styleExperts weigh in (Intuit Small Business Blog)

How to organize your office by your learning style: Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners need to set up office space differently. (Intuit Small Business Blog)

Tears in the workplace: Why do women cry more than men, and what -- if anything -- should women do to avoid tears on the job? (Chicago Tribune)

Building a Dream(liner): a look at the construction of Boeing’s 787 airplane. (Northwest Quarterly PDF)

Business profile: Envirovac: A look at a firm that's "flushed with success," thanks to its vacuum toilet business (Rockford Magazine)

Honey, he shrunk the shirt: Inventor comes up with new marketing gimmick (Sales and Marketing Strategies & News)

Green Chicago: The city is "greening" as never before, thanks to aggressive efforts by administrators (Crain's Chicago Business)

Disabled entrepreneurs: Businesspeople with disabilities are able to use special programs to help businesses get started, but want no special favors (Crain's Chicago Business)



10 things doctors want you to know about lung cancer. (

How to avoid migraine triggers at work (slideshow). (

Things pregnant women need to know about the Zika virus (

When does sadness become depression? (

Coping with the emotions of menopause (

Incarceration nation - The U.S. has ony 5 percent of the world’s population - but 25 percent of its prisoners. A new report looks at why America leads the world in locking up its citizens, many of whom suffer mental illnesses, and what can be done to fix the system. (American Psychological Association)

Defending animal research - a Q/A with Dr. J. David Jentsch of UCLA about the harassment he and other researchers endure, and why he continues with his work nonetheless. (American Psychological Association)

Why we cry: What new research shows about the psychology of tears. (American Psychological Association)

Therapists often cry during therapy sessions - but few know what to do when it happens. (American Psychological Association)

Breast milk banks can save lives and make a difference for adoptive moms. (Chicago Tribune)

She nearly died from a bad flu: One woman's devastating encounter with H1N1 flu. (

Baby sign languageResearchers are discovering that babies can communicate using sign language before they learn to speak (Chicago Tribune)

Chemotherapy treatment: One woman's story: What to expect from chemotherapy for breast cancer. (

A revaccination choice: Woman undergoes bone marrow transplant, must have all childhood immunizations re-done. (

A stroke of insight: Jill Bolte-Taylor was a healthy, 37-year-old neuroanatomist at Harvard when she suffered a massive stroke -- and recovered well enough to write about it. (Neurology Now)

The aging of anorexia: Eating disorders affect middle-aged (and older) women, not just teens, though treatment often is aimed exclusively at younger patients (Chicago Tribune)

Selective mutism: When children refuse to speak, it's sometimes more than just shyness or stubbornness -- it's a little-known disorder that can be treated if caught early enough (Chicago Tribune)

Panic disorder has biological roots. (Chicago Tribune)

CHIP helps a city lose weight: An innovative low-fat lifestyle campaign kicks off in a burgers-and-fries, blue-collar Midwest town, hoping to be a blueprint for nationwide success, (Chicago Tribune)

Childhood obesity: So many kids are overweight today that it's being called a crisis and an epidemic. What can be done? This series looks at solutions (Knight-Ridder Tribune, national distribution)

Autopsy video: A California filmmaker is fascinated by the autopsy process and makes a graphic video showing one, though response is not always what he had hoped (Chicago Tribune)

Heart puts teen's future on hold: An Illinois teenager living with late-stage cardiomyopathy awaits a transplant (Rockford Register Star)

Telemedicine: Virtual reality technology creates opportunities for long-distance doctoring (


Macaques learn to communicate using touchscreens. (Discover)

OMG! My mom is online dating: How adult children react to their parents entering the world of e-dating. (

Tracy Kidder writes 'to catch the reflection of a human being on the page': Profile of Pulitzer-winning author of Mountains Beyond Mountains and Strength in What Remains. (NCTE Chronicle PDF)

Women and guns: Statistics indicate more women are arming themselves today, which some feminists think is a good thing, though others disagree (Chicago Tribune)

Camp To Belong: Two sisters who were separated as infants in foster care have created a special summer camp where kids across the country can spend time with the siblings they otherwise never see (Chicago Tribune)

Abortioncams: A radical anti-choice group is photographing women entering abortion clinics, then uploading pictures to websites, which is being challenged in court (Chicago Tribune)

Boot camps: Shipping troubled teens off to boot camps seems to work on TV talk shows, but not in real life (Chicago Tribune)

Internet urban legends: Why are these crazy stories so popular and what can be done to stop them from cramming your inbox? (Chicago Tribune) 

Life with the Sundays: How one family of modest means copes with the stresses -- and joys -- of raising quadruplets (Chicago Tribune)

Atheist parenting: Raising children outside the religious mainstream can subject families to prejudice and isolation, fueled by the misperception that atheists aren't moral people, (Chicago Tribune)

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