Feature Writing

Macaques learn to communicate using touchscreens. (Discover)

OMG! My mom is online dating: How adult children react to their parents entering the world of e-dating. (CNN.com)

Tracy Kidder writes 'to catch the reflection of a human being on the page': Profile of Pulitzer-winning author of Mountains Beyond Mountains and Strength in What Remains. (NCTE Chronicle)

Women and guns: Statistics indicate more women are arming themselves today, which some feminists think is a good thing, though others disagree. (Chicago Tribune)

Camp To BelongTwo sisters who were separated as infants in foster care have created a special summer camp where kids across the country can spend time with the siblings they otherwise never see. (Chicago Tribune)

Abortioncams: A radical anti-choice group is photographing women entering abortion clinics, then uploading pictures to websites, which is being challenged in court. (Chicago Tribune)

Boot camps: Shipping troubled teens off to boot camps may work on TV talk shows, but not in real life. (Chicago Tribune)

Internet urban legends: Why are these crazy stories so popular and what can be done to stop them from cramming your inbox? (Chicago Tribune) 

Life with the Sundays: How one family of modest means copes with the stresses -- and joys -- of raising quadruplets (Chicago Tribune)

Atheist parenting: Raising children outside the religious mainstream can subject families to prejudice and isolation, fueled by the misperception that atheists aren't moral people. (Chicago Tribune)

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