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Online higher education for instructional designers: picking the right program. (Learning Solutions)

Top 10 online diploma mill scams: From cats and dogs getting diplomas to fake docs possibly causing deaths, here’s a look at 10 heinous cases. ( 

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Teaching with complex texts is a new focus of the Common Core: here’s a guide. (National Council of Teachers of English)

Robo-grading of student writing passes new study—but earns "F" from experts. Can machines really take the place of English teachers when it comes to grading student writing? (National Council of Teachers of English Chronicle)

Teachers are breaking down walls at an Indianapolis middle school, using innovative methods and working together to reach students. (National Center for Literacy Education)

The shift to 21st century literacies: a look at the use of technology in the classroom, from smartphones to Second Life. (NCTE Chronicle PDF)

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Inspiration Information: New “Open Source” project lets students interview experts for free (THE Journal)

Students reading and writing online: How to use new Internet and social media technologies in the classroom to motivate English students. (NCTE Chronicle)

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Video beyond the conference room: Innovative solutions for public safety, crisis management, and national security. (Center for Digital Government white paper)

Building a Dream(liner): a look at the construction of Boeing’s 787 airplane. (Northwest Quarterly PDF)

Digital surveillance: Businesses use hidden cameras and the Internet to monitor employees from afar (Crain's Chicago Business)

Tempest: threat or hoax?: Can Big Brother see what you're typing on your computer from outside your building, using "Tempest" technology? (Smart Computing magazine)

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